As important as it is to invest in the best print finishing equipment, it’s equally and arguably more important to insure you have the best service and support for the life of the investment.  This is where we excel at Ultimate Print Finishing.

Unmatched Service and Support

We offer two types of service

Break and Pay

This is just like it sounds…when your machine goes down, you call us and we put you on our service schedule.  We dispatch our technician to your facility to fix your machine and you pay on a per call basis for travel, labor and any parts needed.


Customer Support Plan (CSP)

This plan is for those that like peace of mind.  It provides the best possible service at a fixed budget amount.  Our CSP provides you with Priority Service when your machine goes down.  This means our technicians are dispatched to you first to get you up and running as soon as possible.  You also get free overnight shipping on any parts needed when your machine is down.  To help minimize the chances of your machine going down we make an annual Planned Maintenance visit.  During this visit we’ll go through your machine looking for signs of wear on parts and anything that could potentially cause problems in the future.  This planned maintenance visit not only reduces the chances of your machine doing down but also will ensure your machine is running as efficiently as possible.  In addition to all these benefits you also get unlimited new operator training.  This means if the staff member that operates the equipment leaves, we’ll schedule a time to come out and train someone new for you.  This is a huge benefit as it will have your team running back at peak performance in the most efficient way possible.  In summary…one fixed amount you can budget, peace of mind, the best possible service experience.  Contact us if you’d like more information or the budget amount to have your machine on our Customer Support Plan.