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Duplo 350 Booklet System

by Duplo
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The 350 Booklet System is Duplo's mid-range collating and bookletmaking system, integrating the DSC-10/60i Suction Collators with the DBM-350 Bookletmaker. With a production speed of up to 3,000 booklets per hour, the system produces a wide range of offset and digital print applications, from calendar and catalogs to brochures and newsletters, on demand. The 350 Booklet System provides the efficiency to deliver jobs in shorter turnarounds and its modular design offers users the flexibility to customize it according to their needs, making it ideal for printers making the transition from offset to digital.

  • Produces up to 3,000 booklets per hour
  • Fast and easy changeovers
  • Push belt transport system prevents marks and static build up
  • Programmable book spine compressor
  • Automatic waste removal
  • Customizable with optional small booklet, side/corner stitch, and 6-page insert kits
  • Collate and stack jobs by adding the optional DCR-ST Cross Stacker
Key Applications
  • CD-size booklets
  • Calendars
  • Corporate Reports
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Yearbooks
  • Magazines

DSC-10/60i Collator


Number of Bins

10, 20, 30, 40

Paper Size

Width: 4.1” - 14”

Length: 5.8” - 24”  (Width of paper must be within 7.88” - 9.05” when paper length is greater tan 20”)

Bin Capacity


DBM-350 Bookletmaker


Corner/Side/Top Stitch Application

Sheet Size

Paper Capacity


10.12” x 7.17” - 11.69” x 8.5”

Up to 30 sheets

Signature Bookletmaking Application

Sheet Size

Paper Capacity


5.82” x 8.27” - 12.6” x 18.11”

Up to 22 sheets


Up to 3,000 sheets per hour

See product brochure for complete specifications.

  • Small booklet kit
  • Corner/Side stitch kit
  • 6-page insert kit
  • DSS-350 Square Spine
  • DCR-ST Cross Stacker
  • DBM-350T Face Trimmer


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